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#lookforhelpers, a Mr Rogers inspired NFT for a good cause

#lookforhelpers, a Mr Rogers inspired NFT for a good cause

There’s a lot of talk of penguins and apes and punks in the NFT community, but one of my favorite things has nothing to do with any of those.

It is with the community support you see being done by artists like the amazing Trash Empress, Empress Trash.

I had the honor of purchasing the first piece she dropped on foundation as a collab with another awesome artist, Mind your Matter.

But that wasn’t just a one and done thing for Empress Trash, she continues to support her local community. The latest is putting on an event in her Cryptovoxels gallery, the Dumpster Palace, to raise money for Rogers & Rosewater.

Rogers & Rosewater was founded and run by a fellow punk in West Oakland and provides hot meals weekly to the houseless community. It’s also named after Mr. Rogers!

The Mr Rogers themed event will run from August 17th-25th and 50% of sales will go to them and the other 50% going to the artist.

I am choosing to donate 100% of my sales for my Mr. Rogers inspired piece, #lookforhelpers.

I was inspired to create this because while the NFT community is mostly amazing, there is a lot of noise to filter through from scams to pump and dumps to d r a m a.

You can snag one of these (99/100) during the event or now on hic et nunc for just 1 tz and 100% of it will be donated.

The thing that helps me is to look for helpers and Empress Trash is one of those. She not only builds community, she uplifts them. We met in a gif thread early on and I’ve stuck next to her like a barnacle along my journey into the NFT space and self healing.

This event is not only raising money for a good cause but bringing together even more artists from across the space.

Learn more about Rogers & Rosewater here and drop by the Dumpster Palace August 17-25 to see more Mr. Rogers inspired art. There are some really neat pieces being dropped already like Toppy Eton’s Mr Rogers as Finn the Human Martens. It is a collage/digital repaint of ‘Horace Vernet’, Gericault (1822) on Foundation.

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