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What is wondermundo’s sage collection NFTs about?

What is wondermundo’s sage collection NFTs about?

I keep joking around with friends that I was getting a new brain during my time away from everything and everyone I knew. I really was as far as teaching my brain new neural pathways and still on that journey. 35 days isn’t enough time to undo 39 years of pathways set up for survival.

I’m now in the middle of a 5 week DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) intensive outpatient program before going on to do a trauma program.

I’ve been diagnosed with other specified dissociative disorder (OSDD) and as weird as it sounds, it was validating. I wasn’t just this broken anxiety, depressed shell of a person. I was someone who was traumatized and have been in survival mode my whole life.

Right now I’m on medical leave and not able to work but have been finding joy in creating a new collection, the sage collection, based on the art I did while I was in there.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to do this and a lot of is due to the NFT community. One cannot recover from trauma until new, healthy relationships are there.

So what is the sage collection?

It’s a collection of drawings made during my time at a mental health treatment center. They have been digitized and had finishing touches added to blend the physical with digital.

They also tell a story of how I went from despair, chaos to finding myself (and all my parts) and how art was an integral part of that. Art whether visual or written is how I can stay in communication with myself.

I launched the collection with feelings check-in because it was the first time I could see the sun a bit through the black fog of despair.

i sat through two group therapy sessions a day during my time in treatment. therapists would usually ask everyone to do a “check-in” and each one had a different way of asking. some were specific, some asked for the “weather report,” and one asked us to draw our check-in one day. This was mine and the first time I drew wondermundo outside of my journal and with color.

Each NFT in the sage collection tells a part of a story of my journey to healing and self-love. Every NFT is only listed for 24-72 hours before I burn any unsold editions. This is an important part of my processing now as I move on to my new life and leave the old me behind.

day 1 sketch – this is you

i can’t believe i’m here was a part of me trying to hold onto old patterns, but wondermundo reminded me the real me was still a silenced part of me. the tape over the mouth, the collar, and socket like drawings make a lot more sense to me now.

If you’ve been following my work you’ll notice a theme of tape over mouth and disembodied heads. This was parts of me trying to communicate that we were a system, the parts that were silenced and abandoned. I had abandoned myself and it was hard to face.

sketches – day 2

i always kept a journal near me during treatment. i missed my ipad, but used the journal to process. these are two sketches i made on day 2. they represent what i felt was my internal monologue at the time. sometimes, most of the time, i would be really mean to myself. a goal during treatment was to turn down the “mean” one and help elevate the “nice” one.

But there was wondermundo, a part of me encouraging me to keep going knowing how hard this journey would be. I would enter a battle with myself.

sketching feelings – day 4

my first few days in treatment are still a blur. i was a shell of a person and felt discombobulated. i couldn’t do anything but journal and draw. i sketched a wondermundo with a long neck. sage was the name of the place i was at. the only thing i do remember through the blur was writing day 4.

Parts of me started to feel safe and open up.

who am i? a day 5 sketch

the first week at treatment felt like a month. like a slow-motion, blurry month. i was really scared, still confused why I checked myself in, and parts of me were not sure where we were. this specific sketch was the first communication breakthrough where i could see my parts verbally expressing themselves with art.

I connected with the scared parts, lonely parts, abandoned parts and began to gain more insight into myself.

day 5 sketch – the game of life

my mind was in this uncontrolled but beautiful chaotic place for like a week when i was in treatment. i found myself sketching without thinking. this was one that was a loud sign to me (and therapists) of what was going on with me. i felt seen and validated for the first time. i thanked myself for opening up to me.

I started to understand why my art dealt with video games and plugging in heads, parts in order to operate in our daily lives. The wonder system series of wondermundo was something I started before I even knew parts were within me.

unreleased series

day 6 sketch – is my whole life just a game?

art is a way for parts of me to communicate and i was starting to put it together the first week. first the game of life sketch and now this? what did it mean? am i just a playable character amidst the chaos and pain that consumed my life? it left me with many questions.

This is my most special collection yet and will be rewarding collectors of these NFTs throughout the series.

Anyone who collects the first 8 will receive an airdrop of this one. It won’t be available for sale. The only way is to collect one of the first 8.

But wait…there’s more NFT rewards for collectors!

Collection details

  • 37 total
  • bonus airdrop for collectors of 1st 8
  • 1 airdrop to all hodlers after final drop
  • 1/1 raffle for hodlers of 11+
  • all listed and burned in 24-72 hrs after listing

Only 7 have been minted and listed so there’s still plenty of time to collect.

Sketches done in my journal when all I had was a black pen and pencil
After I had been there a week, someone was able to drop off a sketch journal and some colored pencils. Then, I used pens, crayons, and highlighters I found around the treatment center.

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