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I joined the NEAR Curator’s DAO

I joined the NEAR Curator’s DAO

I got asked by a friend (@EmpressTrash) if I wanted to be part of the NEAR curator’s DAO. It involves onboarding artists to Paras platform, curating/helping them with creating their NEAR account, minting, etc. 

Thanks to MELODY (melodynft.near) who helped me submit my proposal, I started scooping up some awesome art on Paras today. 

Interested in getting started on NEAR?

First, if you want to get started on NEAR start by going to https://wallet.near.org/ and creating a wallet. You will find yourself at a screen like this where you can buy some NEAR or copy the wallet address and send me a DM. I’ll be happy to send you a NEAR to help you get started.

Next, go to https://paras.id/ and log in with your NEAR wallet. 

On Paras, collectors can discover beautiful art cards and collect them on a blockchain-based technology that prevents forgery and provides provable ownership.

Artists can create your digital art cards and sell them on the marketplace in just a few clicks.

Now, onto what I collected today. 😍😍

CRYPTO SKULL #0011 #1 by kentheart.near

I love skulls so it was awesome to get this one. 

“CRYPTO SKULL” is a collection with a different types of attributes and also it’s rarities.

Crypto Eyeball #17 #1 by joy0315.near

I also like eyes and art that includes eyeballs. 👀

Crypto Eyeballs is a unique collection of digitally hand-drawn eyeballs packed with different traits and attributes lurking around the NFTverse. They may look creepy glaring at you but they are amicably adorable.

Near Doodle #1 #134 by kenzeroart.near

This was free and cute!

Near Doodle is a collection of cute distinct NFT digital collectibles on the Near Blockchain.

Octopus #9 by izzamouzakki.near

Also a fan of octopuses so scooped this beauty. 

Octopus my collections for you

BEAUTH OF THE CITY #2 by profilmi.near

I’m a sucker for a good collage so had to collect this one. 

beauty is flown with women, and it concerns some pretty high-rise cities.

Pepe on Market Crash #30 by dyeptfree.near

Pepe ‘nuff said

Special Animated Card

Pepe while watching all the crypto crashing

THORNY HEART #2 by roughlee.near

a heart that is hurt by the thorns of love that fly as small as dust that makes the heart beat with pain

Dumbo Mushroom Club #0017 #1 by dhanynurhidayat.near

Dumbo Mushroom Club is a collection of uniquely generated cute mushroom, which are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles/avatars only available at the blockchain of NEAR PROTOCOL network. Show off your Dumbo Mushroom from the various available traits and also you can get Dumbo Mushroom as you want.

Excited to continue collecting and helping artists onboard onto the NEAR blockchain.

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