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How NFT artists find motivation

How NFT artists find motivation

I asked the NFT community on Twitter how they motivated themselves and got so many good suggestions.

I wanted to share those and make it easy to reference later for myself.


Some NFT artists use meditation, exercise, and healthy eating to stay motivated


Music seemed to be a common theme but I also found that everyone seems to motivate themselves in different ways.

Some NFT artists make sure to focus on the positive when motivating themselves


Coffee and drugs were also a popular answer from NFT artists hehe.

And finally, some NFT artists motivate themselves in their own unique ways

I know I find rage and spite and someone telling me I can’t do something as motivating lol
I find this to work a lot for me but I have to be in the right mindset to begin with. If I’m depressed, I can’t find my confidence so I work on that first.

What are ways that you find motivation as an artist?

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