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Pixel art collectibles on Paras

Pixel art collectibles on Paras

I can’t say it enough, curating art is my happy place. I absolutely am in love with this activity. 😍😍

So honored to be a part of $near Curator’s DAO. Thanks for including me!

Today I want to share a couple of pixel art projects I found on Paras. I found them, bought several, and then shared with friends because of how awesome they are.

Let’s check them out!

Wobble Zombies

First, I came across a wobble weirdo zombie #1 while I was browsing on Paras.id and then went to look at the entire collection. The weirdo, zombie, and pixel art immediately drew me in.

Wobble zombies are terrorizing earth and humanity is on the verge of extinction! None will be spared including our favorite super heroes and villains.

I collected several more that spoke to me like the emo, goblin, buddha, and punk wobble zombies.

Amazing work from SocialRandom. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Check out more wobble zombies on Paras


The next pixel art project I found brings together a few of my faves, Pepe, pixel art, and bright colors.

The PepeVerse is a collection of 500 unique PepeVerse NFTs residing in NEAR PROTOCOL BLOCKCHAIN. These artwork were algorithmically created through codes. Individual has an unique traits and also varies with rarity

Special Animated Card Pepe while watching all the crypto crashing.

I first collected this but didn’t realize that there were more in the Pepeverse project. Scooped several after checking it out.

Pepe Rainbow // (Member of Rainbow Clan) There are only 10 Pepe Rainbow in PepeVerse Collection and they are all distinct to each other.
Pepe Zombie // (Member of Zombie Clan) There are only 10 Pepe Zombie in PepeVerse Collection and they are all distinct to each other.

Check out the Pepeverse and see more cool art from dyeptfree.near

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