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Collector’s Crew Tezos buy party

Collector’s Crew Tezos buy party

A group of diverse women and I in the NFT space decided to get together and host a weekly spaces and buy art together. Artists come up on a first come first serve basis and share their art, their story, themselves with us.

We host these spaces on Wednesdays at 1 pm EST so please join us sometime!

Today was the second one and it was just as amazing as the first one. We went for almost 3 hours and I collected a bit of art. Check out some of the art I collected below. 👇

The Women Left Behind by Terra Lens

Glitch Remix of “The Girl I Left Behind Me” by Eastman Johnson, a Civil War Era Painting. Thank you to the Smithsonian for making all their files available to the public for free usage in art.e

Collected for .5 $tezos and there are still some editions available. Check it out here.

Echoes of the Self, Infinite by Terra Lens

The more he withdrew from the world about him, the more wonderful became his dreams; and it would have been quite futile to try to describe them on paper.

1/1 collected for 3 $tezos

Mayan Buddha by PopLazarus

This is my submission to the PaperBuddha Tribute contest. One feels restless in the legs and grows feathers. Arms are raised in front of a changing sky. The clouds clear out and the Green wheels of the Hidden Mind are revealed . Brilliant light expands outward and then fades. Everything seems to be as it was before (but is it?).

Collected for 2 $tezos and there are 5/16 editions available here.

American Bowie by PopLazarus

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bowie

Collected for .777 $tezos and there is still one more available here.

Fire by designz.tez

His vision of fire on canvas by acrylic.

Collected for 1 $tezos and there are still some editions available here.

La Vaquita by chelwithasea

El Campo 21 is the first collection by artist Chelwithasea. Each piece is hand drawn, and exhibits the artists influences of Impressionism, Abstract, and Realism. The artists mission is to raise Domestic Violence Awareness

Coffee addict by melonblossom

Need some coffee? Need more coffee? need more energy? My second work on HEN. I’m collecting my thought with these super short animation. I call it LONGTAKE since it is a one time drawing and animating and finish. I found stories in every lines, every changes. So I would like to show you guys the story I found too. Have some coffee and I hope you enjoy it.

I scooped around 3-4 of melonblossom’s work because I fell in love with it and her story.


Running away from everything we hate is always an option. Most of us don’t know how to escape and it makes it hard for us to enjoy the same boring places or routines. Be brave,

I had so much fun collecting! Looking forward to seeing you there next week.

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