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she swims in chaos

My art is how I am coming to terms with having dissociative identity disorder, but rarely am I conscious of it in the moment. I definitely leave little Easter eggs in all my art, but even I find Easter eggs and that’s always fun.

New NFT collection on Paras

Paras is a NFT marketplace for creators and collectors that includes everything from pfp collections (think Bored Ape Yacht Club) to abstract art. I have a collection of textures from when I first started on there back in July 2021, but just started a new one. Introducing wonder versions This collection represents different versions of the identity I call “wondermundo” […]

What is wondermundo’s sage collection NFTs about?

I keep joking around with friends that I was getting a new brain during my time away from everything and everyone I knew. I really was as far as teaching my brain new neural pathways and still on that journey. 35 days isn’t enough time to undo 39 years of pathways set up for survival. I’m now in the middle […]