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Getting started with Tezos NFTs

If you’re totally new to NFTs you’ll probably want to start with an NFT 101. Check out and then come back here 😊 If you’re an NFT artist on another blockchain and looking to get started on Tezos this is for you!  Also, I won’t be going over cryptonomics here, just coming at it as an artist.  What is Tezos? According […]

Collector’s Crew Tezos buy party

A group of diverse women and I in the NFT space decided to get together and host a weekly spaces and buy art together. Artists come up on a first come first serve basis and share their art, their story, themselves with us. We host these spaces on Wednesdays at 1 pm EST so please join us sometime! Today was […]

What is wondermundo’s sage collection NFTs about?

I keep joking around with friends that I was getting a new brain during my time away from everything and everyone I knew. I really was as far as teaching my brain new neural pathways and still on that journey. 35 days isn’t enough time to undo 39 years of pathways set up for survival. I’m now in the middle […]